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Processing Of Payrolls – Ways To Improve Efficiency

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Proper management of payroll is vital for the progress of any business. Below are few tips you could use to lighten your load.

Categorise your employees

A business comprises permanent employees, interns, trainees, contractors and freelancers. They may not always be on your payroll (e.g. contractors and freelancers), but when they are you need to maintain accurate records and make sure they are duly paid. They will usually be on different payment schemes and be entitled to different benefits, so you should be able to track their payments at whichever frequency required. Irrespective of the size of your business you must maintain a proper database for reference. If not, keeping a track of your employees will be a headache.

Decide on a suitable payment scheme

Whether you employees should be paid on a monthly basis, per hour or per day should be decided by you. The method of payment should be appropriate to the type of service they offer. This will save you a lot of money. Consider an example where you choose to pay a monthly salary for someone who offers you a menial service once or twice a week. This will become a significant cost for you overtime. Whereas paying on a daily basis would have saved you quite a few a pay cheques. Of course, this does not mean that paying a monthly salary for the full time availability of a highly specialised skill is necessarily a bad thing. For an example, an IT guy whose services are only needed occasionally, but he is available on call.

Use software specially developed for this purpose

When banking jobs Hong Kong, processing of payrolls and jobs of a similar league become too troublesome to do manually software has always come to the rescue. There are several applications that have been developed to help simplify this process.


Payroll processing is a long procedure and one can easily get confused, especially at the start. Payroll includes government taxes, bonuses, other additions and deductions. Thus, perfect payroll processing might result in penalties and other costs. One way to avoid these problems is to hand it over to the professionals.

Outsourcing will also help save time. For small business owners, the time saved on this process can be invested for the betterment of their company.

Compare costs

Although outsourcing might save you time, it can also turn out to be too much of an expense. So, before you invest in such a programme try to calculate the costs you will be incurring for at least a year. This will give you a better understanding of whether outsourcing will become beneficial or simply add to costs.

Be sure to consider additional benefits the payroll service offers when you make these calculations.