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Steps To Write An Attractive CV

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Writing a successful curriculum vitae can be a challenging task. You need your resume to show how passionate and qualified you. In order to do so you have to craft a great resume. It might be hard but there are ways that you can pull it off. Here is a step by step method to craft a successful curriculum vitae.


Generally, a person tend to spend only a few seconds to look at a resume and come to a decision. You don’t want your resume to be lengthy and dull. So keep it simple. Usually the length of a resume should not be more than two pages. You are not writing a essay of your life story. So be frank, direct and to the point.

Change it

All of us use the same resume to apply to different jobs. That is not a very smart move. Take a few minutes to alter it and change it according to the job you are applying. This way, you can keep it precise and can attract the targeting job employers. In addition to all these, keep in mind that CVs tend to have different templates depending on the country. For example; if you are applying to a job in New Zealand, you should have a nz curriculum vitae, which can be a bit different. So research on that as well. 

Personal statement

A person can judge you based on your passion. The best way to show them why you are the most suitable candidate to the applying position is by including a personal statement. Again, don’t go on and with a long passage. Keep it short and sweet. That will bring a win-win situation as they will be able to see how focused you are as well.


Your resume should be up-to-date. Take time to fill out any significant thing that occurs. This will be much easier and you will not be leaving out anything.


Lying in your resume is not something that you should do. You will be saying hello! to a great deal of trouble if you lie on your resume. After all “honesty is the best policy”. Be truthful and honest about your qualifications, achievements and basically, everything.


Apart from these steps, you can get use of this additional step. If you are still not so sure about your resume seek guidance. There are many professionals who will help with CV. That way you are assured of a quality resume.

Having a professional and successful resume can go a ling way. So make sure you follow the above steps to achieve it.